Friday, December 16, 2005

Living a May-fly Life

Three nights ago, i browsed upon a blog about May-flies It hit me. It wasn't a long entry but very substancial.
Somehow, i feel my life equates to that of a may-fly. Im only 23 but I know I won't live that long. I just know.

That is why I do every possible and even the most impossible things. Some hate me because of my guts but I don't have time to dwell on anger and pain. That's why it is easy to let go. I get hurt but I let go.

If I keep a record of all the sadness in my life, I wouldn't be living a life at all. It will eat me and keep all positive things out of my sight. Imagine, I am walking and not know how womderful it is to walk. Simple pleasures mean a lot to other people. That i know so well.

I wish people would see the essential things in life and celebrate it...everyday.

If i am just to live a quarter compared to the length of other people. It is fine with me. I am content and I am at peace with myself. If I hurt anyone unknowingly, I am sorry.

If I was a May-fly what would I do in one day?

I commented:

if i had just a day like the may-flies i would use every part of me. I would use my wings to bring me to places i thought i couldn't go to. I would use my senses and lavish on scents, variety of taste, the wind against my wings.. i would feel it all. At the end of the day which will be my destined end... i would leave a trace of my existence to the stretch of where i had been. It would be a well lived life... don't u think?

If I am to die soon. I hope I touched a lot of people and caused them great change.

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