Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Im missing everything about Boracay now. Three days and two nights aren't enough to spend on a fine beach --atleast not for me. How I wish I could stay for 2 weeks to a month.

On the lighter side though, the trip is just what I need to escape the work jitters. I'm as eager as my students for school closing day to come and start summer beach bumming. What else can I say, I just love sun, sand, beach and skim...(ok, beachbum hunting too)

Beach bum hunting. Something about the local guy-skimmer-henna tattoo artist - reggae band guy that makes me weak --kilig weak. But it ends there. There are no future plans attached --just the present.

I mostly bummed solo during my stay on Bora. I like it that way than go girl-talk *shivers*. I basked on the sun like 'daing'. But unlike the 'daing'; mine was self-imposed, the daing was deprived of the ocean and executed to death to feed mankind *nyak, corny*.

Since I kept a hurried vacation, I promised myself that I'll do the most out of the trip. So I mingled with the locals. I just find it much interesting to experience the trip the local way. Since as I have mentioned previously --i hate girl talk.

I found skimmers along shore and I stalked one of them. I really must be enchanted because I stalked him from Station 1 upto the long stretch of Station 3 ( I AM NOT KIDDING) . He skimmed from the first station to the last. If he can skim that far -- I can stalk that far too. AHEM!

My housemates aka college friends are wondering where I am (while stalking) and what was I doing. I didn't lie.. I told them I have gone --hunting. They left the house to meet me somewhere on Station 2. I found another interesting thing to do --beach football with the locals ofcourse (well, mostly at least).

I didn't hesitate to pass the ball back to William (local guy) and chatted with him while juggling and passing balls. He offered skimming lessons but I couldn't pass up playing beach football 3 on 3. I didn't mind if I was the only girl. I played mostly 'last man' but I scored a goal too. So fun.

I got acquainted with several foreigners of different nationalities --Koreans, Bulgarianss, Norwegians, Australians and Americans.


sab said...

i miss boracay too. :p

Adam Mordo said...

Missed a achance to go to Boracay this month. we did got to cebu though, found this really nice tucked away hideaway in Sogod called the Alegre Resort. But Bora still has nicer sand and the water could simply not compare. Ey, so ano? How did the oil spill affect my beloved island?

jammygrl08 said...

kuya peej, good thing the oil spill did not harm the shores of bora... just imagine the fine sand of bora -went history? horrible dba?

I could bear the seasonal algae build up but oil spill -a real tragedy.

jammygrl08 said...

my dear mayi (sab), nakakamiss ang massive vacation natin no? 4 families, 3 generations ---haaay. sana we'll continue this maramag legacy. vacation, mahjong, poker, boodlefight and etc. i miss u guys