Saturday, February 25, 2006

Games People Play

Oh the games people play now
ev'ry night and ev'ry day now
Never meaning what they say, yeah
never saying what they mean.

And they teach you how to meditate
read up your horoscope and change your faith
and furthermore to hell with hate
Come on and give me some more, and more, and more.

Na na na Na na na Na na 2x
Talkin'bout you and me, yeah
and the games people play.

First your're giving up your sanity
turn your back on humanity, yeah
and you don't give a damn, a damn, a damn

--Games People Play, Inner Circle

Let's talk about the games people play now. I can't [any longer] put a blind eye over the exchange of ill words over some individuals close to me. How could I not notice how each of my friends are given below the belt blows.

What happened to PEACE LOVE AND REGGAE?

I am excited to find out what these feebles would say about me. Go ahead. SHOOT

That's the game people play now. Pull you down when you are getting somewhere. Just because they couldn't move any longer.

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