Saturday, March 25, 2006


March 18,2006.
We planned a beach weekend as soon as the school year 2005-2006 ends. It is the perfect date to watch the meteor shower. Although, we failed to ask from which direction would it be visible. But were still the hopeful fools and stared at the sky for as long as we can.

'I will really miss everything' Mac told me while he gazed far to the sea then at the night sky but never looked at my face. I can taste the sadness of that night but I didn't really take notice until I heard him say those words.

Ignoring the seriousness in the air as he speaks, I cut him short, 'Everything will still be the same. I will visit you guys and meet you for coffee after class. Nothing will change except that I am leaving the workplace.'

'No. It won't be. You will meet other people and be friends with them. Then, all your time will be with them. It won't be the same.' He muttered.

I knew that. He was right.

'Di na tayo sabay mag log-off tpos punta sa C3. Di na tayo mag-oovertime at mag tutugtugan jammings. It really won't be the same.' He proved his point.

I won't be staying long at the faculty room to check papers and do menial tasks most teachers do. There will be a long list of I won't and I can't with my friends I met back there.

It won't be the same.

And we did not see the meteor shower.

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