Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Be Miserable To Get Paid

"Unfair daw to pay the teachers na nagstay sa Island Cove dahil nag-enjoy lang sila" (It is unfair to pay the teachers who spent two nights minding the Korean-without Dengue-students at Island Cove because the designated teachers seem to be enjoying it) --a context taken from a chit-chat with an ex-colleage from an English Academy suffering from bad karma right now as he quotes the words of the academy director.

I was one of the teachers assigned to mind the Korean students at Island Cove, the other teacher was Issa. Neither of was told or addressed directly regarding the academy's concern on our discetion and management.

I thought of approaching her to discuss the matter but I don't know...I have to find a way not to sound like a pompous ex-employee and make her sob. But I'm just assertive and it is often misinterpreted as arrogance. I take only what is due to me and nothing less, and the first thing due to every employee is respect from employers.

Going back to the comment, we don't deserve to be paid because we seem to be enjoying, I think that's a ton of bullshit. Since when can "enjoyment" be commanded by an employer? I certainly do not like to be commanded when to enjoy and when I can not. If so, employers should be regarded as individuals who minds and controls another's judgement and pays the employee for being miserable. I guess, in that academy -it rings true.

If all employers are like that, it is hard to tell who the real devil is even if it is snorting in front of you already. If all employers are like that, I'd rather go home and plant kamote (and be my own boss).

The English Academy hired me as a teacher and I earned that profession through acquiring four years of study and PRC license --and as that, I demand to be respected and appreciated and not insulted simply because I prefered to have a pleasurable time than worrying about something trivial. On the same note, I'd like to state that during our stay there, I never forgot about my duties and responsibilities as a teacher, and the same goes with Teacher Issa.

We had fun; the teachers as well as the adorable Korean kids. We maximized our stay at Island Cove. Toured the place, rode horses, swam, played a lot, tried outdoor chess, ate decent meals plus dessert too. We really took good care of them. The kids shouldn't not feel how miserable the conditions are(having four cases of Dengue Fever). It is just not right. Why make the rest of the kids suffer?

We had fun but it is no one's business but ourselves alone.

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BPU said...

Damn right! Enjoy yourself! As long as it's off office hours, da hell do they care? But then again, it's really different back there in the Philippines, ain't it? EMPLOYERS for the most part have this INDIO mentatlity that those people working for them have no darn dignity and all that. Well, I say - F$%^&*(K them all! I know one of my college friend who made it big in Manila - as in ritzy ritzy rich, commands her employees as her property. One of the guys even told me that he has to wash their underwears!!! UGH! That disgusts me soooo f!@#$%^&*kng much!