Friday, February 02, 2007

The Dawn

I'm not really a city girl. I live in a city but there isn't a day that I dream of coconuts, sand and sea. I've fantasized about living in Boracay for months or even years but I never did dare to do so alone. It is too risky for a lady to live alone in a paradise so alive with tourist, booze, bars, and you know what else might happen. I admit I am scared but I am not foolish to think that I am invincible. I am human and a woman and at that...fragile.

I took a year of self-proclaimed sabbatical. Hoping to find someone to join me in my madness to leave the city. I never found him. I never left the city. I guess, I really am the impulsive stubborn nut to nurse these fantasies of waking up every morning or afternoon (as I usually do) and the beach is so inviting. Swim. skim. surf. and yes of course work.

How time flies, a year has passed. I never found him. I never found someone insane enough to bite my fantasy. It's too crazy to be real...maybe...but possible.

I went to Boracay last Sunday. Trying to maximize the four days of stay there. I know when I get to Manila, I'll start working again... so I gotta immerse myself in this paradise.

Everything is wonderful as it is. There's just one thing, Soy Soltera. Why am I always alone on a paradise.

On our last night, I wanted to feast on the reggae vibe and booze. On that same night, the moon was round and full. On that same night, I met him. I met the fool who left the city to live in Boracay.

Time passed.
The conversation carried on long...longer
It was the longest dialogue, enchanting as an epic.

He stroked his palm across the henna tattoo inked on my back.
I want to feel it all over again.
He left at dawn.
I left Boracay.
Then he said,
"We will meet again, I'm sure."
and that, I know.


Hermie said...

Yay Jammy! I hope the him you met in Bora becomes your man for life sometime soon.

Jasmin said...

in some unexplainable reason...i hope so too

L.A said...

Wow lalaki sa bora??? hmpp ako din gusto ko din ng lalake sa bora.....haha gwapo ba???

Omni said...

I hope you see him soon!!

Jasmin said...

l.a.: yeah lalaki sa bora. yes din, gwapo. very charming. kung d lang jahe nagpapicture na ako. hahahaha

omni: i hope so too talaga and we will.

cruise said...

thats cool, i am sure mag meet pa kayo :)