Thursday, August 14, 2008

Asian Spirit 6k Seat Sale

Well yeah. It is the the season again of limited period seat sales, this time I was suprised because Asian Spirit joined the bandwagon on giving REAL seat sales. To be honest, I doubted the validity of it but it is real but only for very very very short while. Imagine as low as Php991 from Manila to Caticlan, when Manila-Kalibo only went as low as Php999.

So what's the catch on this miraculous event?

Well, the cheapest rate is the Php0 fare round trip which cost about Php2888. ROUND TRIP MANILA-CATICLAN and BACK. So when I tried to book a group of 10. on this promo sadly I don't have the list of the names of the passengers. It's a missed cheap fare opportunity but it's ok. And the seat sale go so quickly! Without exaggeration, they change in less than 1 minute.

I haven't slept yet for the last 36 hours and so did my laptop and did nothing but scheme up the lowest airfare for clients. But the sad end to that is, after I've fished a low, if not the lowest fare for some clients, I get bypassed. Not just once, i must add. That's really a loophole in what I do. Of course it is easy to retrieve info from the net but to get it on the perfect time to fish cheap deals to ditch the one who saw an opening, seems unfair. But then again, we learn from our mistakes. Adding accommodation with airfare is a loopy business.

Maybe all these trouble aren't worth it at all. It's not that easy to book the cheapest fare, it takes time and patience. So there goes my tip for all of you who wants to get the cheapest fare... as Professor Mad-eye Moody always say..."constant vigilance".

So there.

I'm just so tired.

One last yosi.


Maybe all these is just a bad dream.

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