Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xaymaca Bar's Last Hurrah

Well well, I just had to go without any acceptable reason not to be in Xaymaca Bar, Timog Ave yesterday night as it happens to be the last gig night. And on that very night, Brownman Revival (BMR) graces the faithful crowd.

At times like these, I can't be more sentimental and I think most of the people among the crowd last night are in the same bus as I am...going down to one's memory lane of Xaymaca as it was years back. So I went to Xaymaca with my friend Ayr from another party (at Bar42, Tomas Morato) and met up with long time BMR-faithful friends: sexynomad, adam mordo, koryn and michelle and needless to say, we had fun just like old times.

For posterity, I video-ed the last two songs the band played. I will upload it soon... but right now...I'm ready for shut-eye. If you like listening to BMR, then watch out for it because the band went crazy...even the seem to be timid Onard (Brownman Keyboardist)!

until then, x.

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