Friday, December 23, 2005

The Circle of Life

My friend let me read two related blog entries from amusing Filipino bloggers (Entry B was written in response to Entry A). Now, mine is Entry C.

The bottomline topic: female whining over male's uncontrollable behavior of souring sweet relationship for intentions of winning an upgraded woman ( bigger boobies, tigher tushies, great form... so they say)

"Men are jerks.", I quote from her.

Yep. Some men can be asses and we fall for it. But lets not put the entire blame on the weaker gender (JUST KIDDING!). Kidding but lets follow that premise. Women, known to be the stronger species, are bestowed of one essential gift. That gift is "intuition".

intuition defined as:

n 1: instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes)
2: an impression that something might be the case;
3: immediate cognition
4: knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceprive insight.

Women, if they listen to their inner self will hear their own voice of intuition.

I bet that with those jerks, you somehow heard the voice of intuition saying "He's not right."; but you shoved it to the most unlit part of your brain where you can not recognize it. That you somehow find the voice whispering and it is even harder to comprehend because of how loud everything else is. Everything is loud except the subtle soft-spoken intuition.
But still, the hard headed creature we truly are, find ourselves (arms and legs) all over "the man" then find out in the end that "the man" is actually "the jerk" after all. Then you hear the voice again, " Tsk tsk, You didn't listen. You know what was bound to happen" but of course, women, being the stronger species, knows how to heal herself. It is the art of forgiving.

There, I N T U I T I O N. You won't get that in any education or mall; seek your inner self and dust it off a little and you'll find it. Women have it but seldom use it. Then you know how to set the "the man" from "the jerks". Sheer intuition.

I think we have wandered too far. Let's anchor back.

Some women would hate me for saying this but I'll say it anyway. Men are such asses but women can be bitches too. Tagging men as such doesn't make women holy. It may seem so but not essentially. Where did the name calling begin? Because there was infidelity, pain and anger. Not male or female is absoluted with these ill emotions. In other words, Men and women feels the same pain at some point of their entire existence. In a direct manner, Men felt cheated, lied to, played on, etc.

From this point on until the end of this entry, I'll only speak on no one's behalf but me to avoid arguments.

I've felt cheated, lied to, played on and I chew on misery for a long time too. I blamed everything but me then. I blame the freaking meteor shower for I only wished for one thing: To spend life with him (the "then bf"). I was told a sighting of a shooting star ensures 1 wish. HELLO!!! I HAD A METEOR SHOWER! ahahaha.. and It still didn't work out. I blame the Fortune Tellers, the 3 pain in the ass fortune tellers. I bet they are 3 sisters stalking me. Each one told me that I'll marry 3 times. I WAS SO DAMN SCARED! So scared I forgot to live. But now, I'm living my life. So screw them bitches. I'll just have one groom, and marry him three times. Sucker romantic, kill me now. See, I blamed others until I got in touch with my inner self. Where my intuition resides.

Men felt the same things I've been through but I guess women whine about it often. Men have mastered a differen art of dealing with it.

Irregardless of gender, emotion is universal.

The bottomline here is the search for the one isn't a well laid asphalt and concrete road. It is more like what we have here in the Philippines (kumunoys and all...hey, I was goofing, ok) . So there are bumps and craters. So there is definitely pain, hurting others, lies etc before one could eventually find the better half.

You can't blame the ones who played prey for hurting when you had the part of the predator. But I hope the prey also realizes that their predator is also part of the menu of other creatures. It's the great circle of life

***Then start the Lion King intro song. AHAHAHAH

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