Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Curst Quintessence

Declare my delusion and sue me
I’m guilty of chimeras
Animations of my fantasy
Covertly of you and me.
I am stirred intensely
My intuition, set adrift
I doubt my synapses
For delusive excitation consumes me
And I, I only cave in

This plagues me
That I envisage parcels of us adversely
From where you set footing
Dwell in fool’s paradise!
See what mirage blinds me
And spare me.
But would you rather
Relish how it is on my side.
How it is by my side.

These may all be fallacy
But fools like me
Refuse to yield
Declare my delusion and sue me
Spare my sanity and cease the madness
Of you and me
For the sake of love and misery
Of lucidity and insanity.

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