Saturday, December 17, 2005

Paradigm Shift

I phoned home and asked anyone is available to help me bring home all my students' present for me .... all 65 presents. I feel so high because 65 boys kissed me...lolz just kidding.

Ofcourse, I was very sentimental about everything earlier because I know that this will be my last Christmas there. It is time to move on. They were all sweet. I was so moved when some of my students last year came by my classroom to give something. heart melted. Is leaving the solution? It crossed my mind.

I just know I had to leave. I need to move on. I've learned what I needed to learn and I have imparted what I should impart to my students.

The party is over. I went out of the room and my friend saw that the young ex-crushie was staring at me. I didnt look at him at all. I don't want to. I HATE HIM! ahahaha. So he kept staring (My friend accounts his every move to me) ahahha what's this??? OBSESSION?
I thought he was going to follow us like he did several times. This time... he lingered a little bit and left without saying anything to me.

Gladys asked me if we did cross each other. We didnt! She nudged " Why don't you text him?" I said arrogantly, "I deleted his number? How could I possibly contact him? Besides I don't want to text him." She teased me, "But if you need his number, I still have it on my phone." I just said,"whatever", without a care.

But after several errands. I thought of him. I hate it. I hate the feeling. I can't ignore it anymore. I went back to Glady's room and I screamed in desparation, "What's his number?" Ghaaaaaaaad. Such desparation!

I know nothing can ever come out of this madness but I am still in it.

Help me.

I'll miss him stalking me and I miss stalking back at him ahahaha.

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