Friday, December 16, 2005


I went to the mall to get some treat for my students even if they behaved adversely. You just gotta love them. It's a love-hate relationship.

Having that intention to head the mall, it didn't go exactly that way. I ended up buying clothes. Ahahaha. I know. I feel guilty. But i did buy something for my sister... a cutie bag.

It took me a long time to convince Marco that the polo isn't so right for him... but i won and he bought the other one eventually. It took him 40 minutes to get cash from the ATM. But it was only two minutes after he left that Carla and I decided to go see other shops and so we did. My wallet was generous enough to bend to my self-indulgence (Hey! I deserve it.. i worked hard)

Tried 1 sytle of skirt but of different colors ( black, brown and purple). I decided to keep the black and return the other two. I got one blouse too. A bit expensive but it's Christmas... so it is justified just like that.

We went to another shop and a silvery shoe said "hi" and i checked her out. So nice. I asked for my size and i got it, tried it, strutted on it. It didnt feel nice as it looked. Something odd about it. I didnt buy it anymore.... it only looked nice.. it didnt fit well.

Is it a metaphor of what i am going through at a larger picture...of choosing a man? At least i'm on my best foot. I know that if it only looks nice but it didnt fit then its not mine.

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