Friday, December 30, 2005


Carla teased me about how I deal with "crushies". I'm not denying that I am very vocal about the guys I like but I've also learned how to downplay it. I should because I'm a girl. I'm not sure if that really came out of my mind.

So I wonder, what's wrong with admiration? Why is it hard to admit an inclination towards someone? Why can't it be easy as saying you like this pair of shoes or that dress. Why can't it be acceptable to treat it the same way. Why can't it be socially acceptable behavior?

To me, its typical to admit admiration. It is not like I'm expecting each one of them to notice me nor am I afraid that I'll be rejected. It's just admiration. I lose nothing when I praise someone and I gain nothing when I hush about it. But the person will surely appreciate the thoughfulness, knowing he made a difference or an influence to me. I just had to let people know how significant they are to me.

Admiration, though, is not at the same note as love but it is almost infatuation. I acknowledge the fact that it is almost an infatuation but it is not love. It may be just a short lived Spring but it wouldn't hurt if I dance until the next season comes.

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