Saturday, February 25, 2006

Games People Play

Oh the games people play now
ev'ry night and ev'ry day now
Never meaning what they say, yeah
never saying what they mean.

And they teach you how to meditate
read up your horoscope and change your faith
and furthermore to hell with hate
Come on and give me some more, and more, and more.

Na na na Na na na Na na 2x
Talkin'bout you and me, yeah
and the games people play.

First your're giving up your sanity
turn your back on humanity, yeah
and you don't give a damn, a damn, a damn

--Games People Play, Inner Circle

Let's talk about the games people play now. I can't [any longer] put a blind eye over the exchange of ill words over some individuals close to me. How could I not notice how each of my friends are given below the belt blows.

What happened to PEACE LOVE AND REGGAE?

I am excited to find out what these feebles would say about me. Go ahead. SHOOT

That's the game people play now. Pull you down when you are getting somewhere. Just because they couldn't move any longer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Im missing everything about Boracay now. Three days and two nights aren't enough to spend on a fine beach --atleast not for me. How I wish I could stay for 2 weeks to a month.

On the lighter side though, the trip is just what I need to escape the work jitters. I'm as eager as my students for school closing day to come and start summer beach bumming. What else can I say, I just love sun, sand, beach and skim...(ok, beachbum hunting too)

Beach bum hunting. Something about the local guy-skimmer-henna tattoo artist - reggae band guy that makes me weak --kilig weak. But it ends there. There are no future plans attached --just the present.

I mostly bummed solo during my stay on Bora. I like it that way than go girl-talk *shivers*. I basked on the sun like 'daing'. But unlike the 'daing'; mine was self-imposed, the daing was deprived of the ocean and executed to death to feed mankind *nyak, corny*.

Since I kept a hurried vacation, I promised myself that I'll do the most out of the trip. So I mingled with the locals. I just find it much interesting to experience the trip the local way. Since as I have mentioned previously --i hate girl talk.

I found skimmers along shore and I stalked one of them. I really must be enchanted because I stalked him from Station 1 upto the long stretch of Station 3 ( I AM NOT KIDDING) . He skimmed from the first station to the last. If he can skim that far -- I can stalk that far too. AHEM!

My housemates aka college friends are wondering where I am (while stalking) and what was I doing. I didn't lie.. I told them I have gone --hunting. They left the house to meet me somewhere on Station 2. I found another interesting thing to do --beach football with the locals ofcourse (well, mostly at least).

I didn't hesitate to pass the ball back to William (local guy) and chatted with him while juggling and passing balls. He offered skimming lessons but I couldn't pass up playing beach football 3 on 3. I didn't mind if I was the only girl. I played mostly 'last man' but I scored a goal too. So fun.

I got acquainted with several foreigners of different nationalities --Koreans, Bulgarianss, Norwegians, Australians and Americans.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Couldn't Say Goodbye

Ghaad, what can I say? I couln't resist my lovers...Winston, Dj and Laurence.
That's what I call my 'faithful bfs'

Go figure.

To my lovers... happy valentines!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Let Me Sleep

I couldn't sleep! I don't think I should tip that mug of raspberry mocha kiss --nope, i don't think so.

I am guilty or I just feel bad.

I'm not sure if I had been insensitive and tactless about speaking out. Sigh, I don't really know. But at this point, I've been served more than I can chew. No more details. Less talk means less mistakes.

Catching Up with Poker Friends

Another Thursday Night with Lei, Iza, Tan and Toti.

And at that time, I am praying we won't head into any serious vehicular accident. Lolz

and we didn't, so we took another one. Hehehe

Boracay Gone Bad

A remedy to a burnt-out condition is beach bummin' on a weekend.

My college friends and I planned a Boracay weekend (that's gonna be exactly next week). Should be slacking and blissfully pre-bora dreaming but I am haunted by pre-bora nightmares --so it is true, there was a massive oil-spill on an open shore 10 km away from island of Boracay. Darn luck. WHY NOW?

I know better now. Next time we plan another sun-sand and skin fun --DO RESEARCH.

The best thing I can do at the moment is pray that the oil-spill didn't reach the shores of Bora

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Part 2 (fiction)

'What do you call each other?' she probes.
'Many things and thousand names', I said amusingly.
'Like what?'
'Like sweetie, dearie, fido dido, habipti, habibi ...'
'Fido dido? habifi what??' she interrupted out of confusion.

I just laughed at her reaction. She wouldn't understand because these are things beyond our intimacy. Only my heart and his heart speaks in this language. It is a binding language.

'So are you lovers now?' she probes some more.
'We're not. I love him.'
'And he loves you?', she sneered and raised a brow. I thought for a moment --the moment took a really long time. 'See, you aren't sure about him. So why put up with him? Geeez, there are other guys above his league why not pursue them?' She sneered and she really got the knack of doing it.'

'You wouldn't understand. It is just what it is and please don't ask me to explain because there is no way you would know how things are between us --him and me.

-- silence.

'and between you and me;' I told her, ' I really don't know. But in this uncertainty, I am knowing him more. I'm fascinated in him and that's that.'

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Part 1 (Fiction)

'Why do you pursue?' my companion asked me.
'Pursue what?' I asked back, although I am pretty sure of what she was asking me about, I just would like to annoy her even more.
'Your intimacy with that guy. Why do you expose yourself to a relationship --that you have no certainty of happening at all -- with a highly narcissistic man.'

I took a fraction of the carrot cake and revelled on it before I spoke again --that made her even more irritated but thats how we show endearment towards each other.

'You got it all wrong. Nothing is wrong in being intimate with someone. I am intimate with you as I am intimate with him. Intimacy as it is known to me isn't tangible. It is the relaxed state of our being in the absence of walls and privacy; trust is the binding commitment and even trust is intangible. Intimacy is the union of twin souls not the bodies where they are trapped in.'

She didn't say anything. It is either she didn't undertand a thing I said or I am highly philosophizing again. Thus, I insist on elaborating -- an excuse so we could talk about him more.

'I trust him to respect me and I respect him so he will trust me.'
'Haven't you had enough failed relationships to be hopeful still?' she bantered cynically.
'Enough? It is never enough until I find my twin being and only the hopefuls truly find their twin hopeful.'

I was shocked with what I just said. It was maybe my soul trying to defend what she has found --her twin soul.

We stopped talking because we both noticed the coffee getting cold.