Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Part 1 (Fiction)

'Why do you pursue?' my companion asked me.
'Pursue what?' I asked back, although I am pretty sure of what she was asking me about, I just would like to annoy her even more.
'Your intimacy with that guy. Why do you expose yourself to a relationship --that you have no certainty of happening at all -- with a highly narcissistic man.'

I took a fraction of the carrot cake and revelled on it before I spoke again --that made her even more irritated but thats how we show endearment towards each other.

'You got it all wrong. Nothing is wrong in being intimate with someone. I am intimate with you as I am intimate with him. Intimacy as it is known to me isn't tangible. It is the relaxed state of our being in the absence of walls and privacy; trust is the binding commitment and even trust is intangible. Intimacy is the union of twin souls not the bodies where they are trapped in.'

She didn't say anything. It is either she didn't undertand a thing I said or I am highly philosophizing again. Thus, I insist on elaborating -- an excuse so we could talk about him more.

'I trust him to respect me and I respect him so he will trust me.'
'Haven't you had enough failed relationships to be hopeful still?' she bantered cynically.
'Enough? It is never enough until I find my twin being and only the hopefuls truly find their twin hopeful.'

I was shocked with what I just said. It was maybe my soul trying to defend what she has found --her twin soul.

We stopped talking because we both noticed the coffee getting cold.

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