Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Part 2 (fiction)

'What do you call each other?' she probes.
'Many things and thousand names', I said amusingly.
'Like what?'
'Like sweetie, dearie, fido dido, habipti, habibi ...'
'Fido dido? habifi what??' she interrupted out of confusion.

I just laughed at her reaction. She wouldn't understand because these are things beyond our intimacy. Only my heart and his heart speaks in this language. It is a binding language.

'So are you lovers now?' she probes some more.
'We're not. I love him.'
'And he loves you?', she sneered and raised a brow. I thought for a moment --the moment took a really long time. 'See, you aren't sure about him. So why put up with him? Geeez, there are other guys above his league why not pursue them?' She sneered and she really got the knack of doing it.'

'You wouldn't understand. It is just what it is and please don't ask me to explain because there is no way you would know how things are between us --him and me.

-- silence.

'and between you and me;' I told her, ' I really don't know. But in this uncertainty, I am knowing him more. I'm fascinated in him and that's that.'

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