Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Calling?

Last night was pretty interesting. Mac told me that we are going to watch The Da Vinci Code but he wasn't sure which cinemas/malls would be showing it. I am not expecting him to make an effort to check out the movie scheds in the metro, so I did it myself (thanks to, it made scheduling easier hehe).

When we got there early for the 7pm show. What we didn't expect was the looooong ticket line and that we were suddenly hungry. A couple went towards us and said that they weren't going to watch anymore and they'd like to sell their tickets to us. Without hesitation, we bought it, left and scouted a place to dine.

We got two hours to burn and it won't be a problem. We love talking and discussing ideas that seem to make time pass unnoticeably. I told him about how odd things are lately. The lucky kind of oddity.

While we were waiting to be served dinner, I told him about what happened last weekend. Detailed account of what happened last weekend. I told him about the book I just read and that I met the woman behind the book the same day. I met interesting people in just one day. I accompanied my tita to visit a nun (who's battling cancer). I told him that I felt I have been in that convent before although I swear I haven't been there. It is just so hard to explain that I recognize the path walk, the vintage car, the nun I met and chatted with a short while before leaving, the weird gumamela plant. It is so vivid in a weird kind of way.

I was not ready to hear what he told me. Mac told me that God probably was showing me the path to be a nun.

I'm shocked. How can it be? I'm not so nun-dainty like and my thoughts aren't innocent at all. I'd like to have a family.

He knew I was shocked and he tried to amuse me but he got me deep into my thoughts. Could it be really a calling? It is the reason why I endured abstinence for more than a year? I sure am looking forward to .... never mind. lol

I won't be boggled if it had been another person who spoke to me about that matter. What makes me uneasy is that, at the back of my is a possibility and for Mac to notice it makes it even more valid. He knows me that well.


vinzi said...

a nun? noooo.... >:)

see ya soon hek hek hek >:)

jammygrl08 said...
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