Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Inconceivable!

I have the habit of putting off for a while what is due on my schedule. Since I do accept my incompetencies, I know I should counter that. That is something that comes as a challenge everyday. I get better each day.

I did what I have to do yesterday. Seek productive adventure; since I found working full-time as a teacher in a stressful environment, repulsive. I just had enough. I felt that as I stay there, I stagnate. I don't want to. So, I left.

Anyway, I finally had enough of vacation. I did scout some jobs that I find appealing and I didn't hesitate to request details about the job offering.

Some are offering inconceivable deals.

There was one that offers a part-time teaching job; 5 days a week for P5000 a month??! In other words, P26 a student per day. If you have 12 students a day = P312. That is not so promising.

The other one, a post from an English Tutorial Center. Pays P60 per session in for a peer tutorial. It even boasts of free transportation! Alryt! ahaha

I think, ganyan talaga sa Pilipinas. Kung kayang iabuso ang employee gagawin sa kasagaran.


sab said...

sa ***, 2pesos per student. 33 students in a class. :) siguro nga, ganon talaga sa pilipinas. tsktsk kaya umaalis yung mga tao eh, tapos magtataka pa sila...

jammygrl08 said...

ahaha.. alam ko kung anong paaralan yan. ahahaha at kilala ko kung sino ang nanumbat na gurong yan. but i dont blame her entirely for saying so...it can get frustrating here

sab said...

yeah. onga e. pero diba, mali naman yun parang kame yung nag dedecide kung magkano e. harhar offtopic na. http://workopolis.ca baka makatulong :)

jammygrl08 said...

thanks sa url, mayi dear =) im checking it ryt now

Ade said...

Ah! I procrastinate too. :(