Friday, May 12, 2006

Fallen Cradles

OK, so here's what happened today, I didnt exactly sleep last night simply because I couldn't. A little sunlight caught me still staring at the monitor since last evening. It's already 6:30 am and I still feel pep and actually looking forward to jog not worrying much of the downpour. I know, I'm really mad.

I could have jogged alone but I texted my tita to jog with me. But since it didn't stop raining, needless to say... she didn't want to and ended up stuck at home then stuck at her apartment. What was really insensitive of me was, I totally forgot it was her birthday tomorrow. It honestly and regretfully slipped my mind.

When I was at her apartment, I grabbed a book entitled "Fallen Cradle/s" (it's a compilation of stories, poetry, letters of families that has lost a loved one telling their stories of coping, etc) There is one story that I find compelling. Maningning Miclat's Story. I love her. When I was younger I looked up to her. I'm sad how things had to be at the end. But anyway, I only read a few more stories from the book until I decided to prepare for a lunchdate with my tita's close friends. Although, I was feeling drowsly for not taking sleep last night, I managed to show attendance. We went to Grill's so nice there that it is enough for me to patronize it....lolz but kidding aside, I really will eat some more of that breaded tofu.

After we've had our fill, there was media inside the establishment then a few minutes more, someone came in that my lunch companions recognize. She was the one who compiled all the stories for "Fallen Cradle/s". How odd diba? How lucky can you get??

oh my, im such a lucky girl.

After that I accompanied them to Medical Mission Sisters at Xavierville to visit a good friend of Tita Tess De Venecia, Sister Cora. Tita Tess is such a vibrant person, full of enthusiasm when she talks it's very animated. I knew then she was kind hearted...I just know. She asked me about what my plans are, what made me leave the private school institution, and other career, spiritual stuff. They told me about a place in La Union that I should visit before I start conquering new horizons.

And I will.

I feel so light today.. heheeeeeey!

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