Saturday, May 06, 2006

Passing Up

So so, I missed the love boat. I thought I would not regret passing up on the opportunity to delegate the country for the 33rd SSEAYP. Sayang talaga. Lesson learned: Just Go. No more reasons and excuses.... Just GO. Listen to elders/mentors (probably too). Tigas kasi ng ulo. haaaay

I've been passing up on a lot of opportunities. I'm just really stubborn. Luck can only give me a lift upto the terminal. What I do at the terminal is my responsibilty. There are only two options: hesitate to take the ride and miss it or purchase the ticket and get in the bus come what may.

I was not so hesitant when I was a kid. I'd go for anything, even when my life is at the risk. lolz.. I remember climbing a post of what used to be a swing and sit on top of it just to "tambay" and "kwentuhan with my cousins (occupying the rest of the post...usually it's ate kim, carlo, ate mimi or gerald or ina or mira). Sometimes, the tambay ang kwentuhan becomes a "yabang fest" . "Yabang fest", i.e. the conversation with "Ako ang pinaka ______" tapos talent show na...u know, ,pakita mo yabang is all about payabanan really. One time, when things are getting so competetive among the Maramag cousins chilling on top of the swing post, We were competing for the best "No Hands Balancing on the Post". Me being so yabang, let go off the bars and shouted " I am God, infinity times two."

Guess what happened.... and you guessed it right.lolz

See, I'd do anything without hesitation...then.

I guess when one gets older... one loses the bold spirit and becomes more of the darn coward. The coward that fears for her fragile life.

There are a lot of things I haven't done in a long time because of fear. I fear, I fear, I fear.
These are a few:
  • Dare riding thrilling (roller coaster, anchor's away, space shuttle.. etc). Last ride was when I was still in gradeschool.
  • Visit "Bahay ng Lagim" and the likes. ahahaha I know the mumu isn't real but i'm still scared.
  • 360 degree turn/body flip (vertical turn not horizontal) .


I better do something about this ....growing old issues. lolz

BUT NEXT YEAR.... I will not pass up on the chance for SSEAYP.

NOW... if anything is offered to me, I'll show much enthusiasm to do it.

Wish me luck.

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