Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yet Another Start

Let this be another start.

I've written a lot about all sorts of matters but I feel cluttered so I decided (at the moment) not to publish past entries. I seek clarity and what I have written did not satify my need. So I know there is something wrong along the way. It may be because I started blogging without direction or theme. There was a point that I didn't want to write anymore but I know I need to write.... So what do I do?

These past few months have been chaotic. It could be fun but nonetheless chaotic. I felt like a rose being choked tyrannously by weed or baobabs in an unkempt garden. A lost cause.

Then come rain and come shine! There, I found a reason to write again but this time I'll write about the walk, the ride, the adventure, the journey as it happens. I love walking by myself or with a companion. Walking is my state of total awareness. That's where I feel every part of my psyche is receptive and objective. The ideas just flow all around like sun rays, only the rays came from inside me.

I'll settle with that. I'll write about my passion and nothing less. How can I find myself burnt out again when I am only writing things worth celebrating for?

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