Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just A Quick Release.

This will be just quick since I am in Urdaneta when my grandparents house is in Pozorrubio. I went all the way here just to find an ATM and net cafe.

A week ago, I was with my friends riding a bus going to Baguio. We only planned to stay a night but ended up staying two nights.

SO SAYA! Hindi ako hinika. We're going back at the end of June.

Anyway, when we left Baguio, I decided to surprise my grandparents. Thus, prolonging my stay here. Although, I am going home tomorrow and then leave the next day for Quezon...for the surfing camp.

I'm excited. It is getting dark. I should go back to my lola's house na.

Miss everything already.

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Bryan Anthony the First said...

hope you enjoyed your stay in pozorrubio...and in baguio as well

brye here...