Saturday, June 03, 2006

We could fly, Yov and I

It is this lucid, " The red light of the sun, slowly descending. The sky is all I see, it's never ending. We could fly, you and I. On a cloud, kissing, kissing." It is 12 noon, and I think of you, like this, like this, and that way. I think of you in all ways, always.

Lunch time. But I do not crave for food, I crave a moment with you. When I walk on afternoons, I thought I saw you but they can never surpass your charm.

It puzzles me why I am so fond of you. So don't asky why- I do not know how to answer that. Ask me instead, 'Are you happy?', I can not possibly tell you. I can not possibly tell you when my lips are darted to yours all along.

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