Monday, August 21, 2006


After 4 weeks of arduous toil for cash, I finally gained the luxury of time to relax and think about things to be spent on. Oh yes, it feels good.

In an intimate ritual with myself and peace of mind, I went through my cluttered stuff and justified every piece as either junk or essential. I admit, some are really hard to let go but the time has come for such things to go --i just know.

These are some items that I retrieved then decided to "RIP" into the trash bin:

Receipts - I have loads of them everywhere. Bank receipts, personal vouchers, food and beverages, concert tickets, gig nights, movies etc. These expense memories were all over the place to remind me that I've been...titling on my "saving skills". It is ironic to note that the reason why I kept these receipts (some are even aged and retrieved after 3 years) is to make me cautious on spending. I got to check myself on that more often.

An Old Photograph - Photographs are for keeping, really, but there are some photos that are best thrown away and forgotten. I found it again, this parcel of paper that feeds my contempt, my rebellion, my need for revenge... hokey, i hope you get the picture here...because I don't want to describe it some more. I always come across this picture when I decide to clean up. So once and for all, a decision has to be made; It is either I have to live hurt/anger (whichever comes first) through every time I see it or to bin it so I won't be feeling divided. I chose the one leading to forgiveness.

A Few Raffle Coupons, long due - Keeping them is a fit of madness. Why keep them if I have no use of them. I should have given it up and hand it to someone else instead. Chance, that is what it reminds me of. I get chances but hardly courageous enough to grab it and accept rewards graciously. Thus, "what ifs" are born.

A Three Year Old Charity Bond - I am ashamed. I haven't been true to my promise. Although it made me feel miserable (because it reminds me of my shortcomings), I am keeping this list to work it out.

The rest that were fated to be binned, were simply litter.

It felt nice.

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