Friday, August 18, 2006

Ko jo!

Has it been four weeks already?

I've gotten attached to my Korean students; I've gotten accustomed to Korean food; I've grown an ear to catch a few Korean phrases and I found myself drawn closer to them as each day passes. Only to come to school, one day, and find out that the lessons that I am to teach is the last.

I whine. The first weeks at work, I whined about every detail --food, classroom set up, class schedule, and everything else. But I was not alone in whining, I whined with my stuudents. Thinking that two hours of study per subject is insanely tiring if not boring but as the final days are drawing nearer, two hours is such a short while to spend with them --it wasn't even enough.

I miss my outlaws and treasure hunters --Pirate Sam, Pirate Mike and Pirate Richard.

I miss my perverted students --Mark, Liz, Angella and Christina

I miss the bratty but adorable girls --Rosa1, Rosa2, Alice, Sarah, Reina and Angelina

I miss the young geniuses --Lily and Ivan

I miss the "fishermen" --Steve, Nick, Suji, Andrew, Eun Hee and Devin.

I miss the thoughtful ones --Anastacia, Susan-Mur, Sally

I miss the FingerQuoting students --Luke, Paul and Lidia.

I'll definetly get skype. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I miss them!

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