Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Puso ng Carmelo Adventure

I've been putting off my visit to Puso ng Carmelo Sisters in Rosario, La Union. I really want to do my own pilgrimage there. I've heard very little about it; however, little it may be, it is enough for me to want to be there. The short description is all I need --Retreat house by the sea.

I plan to go there on my 24th Birthday, September 8. No more excuses and reasons will I allow to interfere with my plan. I'm excited. KQ will join me in this abrupt backpack adventure.

I just want something different to spend my special day. Last year was so great. Most of my friends (different circles) were there, including Brownman Revival. It was a loud party. So, this year, I'm spending it in contemplation.

Although, I don't really know what to expect from Puso ng Carmelo Retreat House because there isn't really much picture going around the net. All I got from google are the following:

Puso ng Carmelo is managed by Carmelite nuns. They graciously accept food and medicines to be distributed to 1,000 sick and indigent people in La Union. (If you have the hand to help, contact Sis. Janelle at 0917 9516413)


They are happy to see visitors.

I know it isn't much. But if you know helpful stuff about Rosario, La Union and Puso ng Carmelo just tell me =)

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Nena Espelita said...

hello.. was looking for an address and number for puso ng carmelo... also planning a retreat there.. will contact sr. janelle through the number you provided.. thanks