Friday, October 20, 2006

The Major Problem in the Philippines

The major problem of my country, Philippines,is not poverty, not malnutrition,not poor education,and not even terrorism. These are simply the long-term consequences resulting from the incessant poor judgement of individuals having state authority on matters of priority and importance.

The problem in my country is graft and corruption. Philippines ranked third (next to Vietnam and Indonesia) as the most corrupt country in Asia based on PERC. What does it indicate? Many things. Perhaps, we elect our leaders inefficiently; But granting that the elected leaders possess great desire to serve and contribute to our nation building, can that individual dare not be swayed into temptation of filling their pockets with public funds? Or perhaps our leaders do not realize the magnitude of their power to free majority of Filipinos of oppression and poverty. It takes discipline, I guess, to see greater happiness beyond self-gratification (that always leads to the state of dissatisfaction because one's pocket is never full of peso, so you put in another..then another...really, it is never enough). The Dalai Lama of Tibet speaks of a potent antidote to our country's problem. It is contentment. May our corrupt leaders wish to seek contentment and find it, ASAP.

National Politics is not a dirty game, although, I think it has become that. But by definition, it is the science of governing a country -- I assume that it is for the best interest of the country and not the deterioration of one. I hope politicians keep this in mind or write a note and carry it in their pockets always to remind them of their sworn pledge.

Then, when everything is in perspective, we can find a way to elevate family economics, allocate and distribute food and nutrition services, endorse quality education, and appease terrorists whom I believe are fighting for their basic needs that were neglected by the government for a very discouraging and depressing long time.

It is not sacrifice that I am expecting from politicians, it is just their full use of their intelligence and conscience for the stimulation of national growth.


Sevenwinds said...

The Philippines is blessed with a good climate, a strategic location, fertile land, beautiful beaches, smart people, and many other natural resources. Imagine how far the country could have advanced socially and economically if it was run properly over the last 30 years.
You are absolutely right that a corrupt few have caused so many others to suffer in your wonderful land. The so called "public servants" or politicians do not go into office to help people, instead their true motivation is always power, fame, or the money that the position will bring. But this true everywhere - only some countries are just better than others in hiding it from the view of others.

jasmin said...

yes, i agree. Philippines is blessed with natural resources.Having 7000+ islands, great beaches, and it couldnt be located anywhere else better to be the center of marine biodiversity which makes it the best divingspot.

It is true also that corruption exist in other countries. Ours though,is alarming.