Friday, October 13, 2006

One is good, More is better?

One is good, More is better?

I just thought that maybe greed is the driving force in today's culture. It should have been love ofcourse but, really... is it, still? I am not arguing that there's no love left in the world or people have grown to be evil than good these days. Love exist and good/evil exist just as much; for we cannot know good if there is no evil to define it and vice-versa.

Greed. The need to want more or believing we need more than what we already have. The "I need more love, I want more love" attitude.

This is my opinion and I don't want to cause trouble, 'just stating my confusion and views on this different kind of relationship.

POLYAMORY - loving more than one. (the definition is a bit loose, but ideally, that's that)

I've seen it on media -broadcasted, published, discussed on forums, internet. It rings pseudo to me. I will not argue about it being regarded as cheating because individuals in such relationships do not claim to be monogamous in the first place. I guess, its just a preference and I'm being conservative on this issue.

But to me, it is a pseudo relationship. There may be several people that are suitable for me but I have to choose just one to build a special bond of intimacy with just that person.

"I have many needs and 'she' cannot fill everything, that's why I need another person to fill the other needs." - could this be a sign of insatiability? One partner isn't just enough.

But whatever Polyamory is, I think it depends on one's comfort level. It is a complicated relationship -AHA, so that's what it means on friendster, then??!
And to stabilize a complicated relationship must be a hard task -dealing with jealousy, for one thing. Polyamorous people say that it is all about "openness and effective communication."

I'm still hopeful to get that "openness and effective communication" on a monogamous relationship. When it comes, I'd rather say, "I need you" than say, "You are not enough for me."

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