Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Type B, Apparently

I don't know if I've heard of Meyer Friedman back in Psych 101 but it seems my hippocampus is not capable of associating the name with his contribution to the wonderful realm of psychology (tut tut tut).

But anyway, Ate Kim (my so hot cousin) re-introduced me to Friedman and his buddy Rosenham who lived the better days of 1950's. They developed the Type A and Type B personality which later pursued their happy tripping with more experiment about the connection between these personality types and the risk of stroke and CHD (Crappy Heart Disease, ok it's C for Coronary).

Type A Personality Displays these Behaviors:

1. Insatiable desire to achieve their goals
2. Strong willingness to compete in all situations
3. Strong desire for recognition and advancement
4. Desire to multitask under time constraints
5. Always in a rush to finish activities
6. Above average mental and physical alertness
7. Feeling insecure about their current possessions, source of income etc..
8. A strong sense of guilt when spending their time idly

Type B Personality Displays these Behaviors:

1. Relaxed
2. Likelier than a Type A personality to be patient
3. Creative and imaginative
4. Inclined to self-analyze

Ate Kim claims to be Type A and accuses me to be Type B (but she's got a point, hear what's playing on my blog? -Que sera, sera). I was Type A but then got fatigued and decided to live the "Hakuna Matata" life until I get tired hanging out with Pumba and Simone (and that's sooooon).

But apparently, there is another personality type and consider it call of times. Accodring to a certain hooligan, Dr. Simeon Margolis of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine there's another personality type, Type D. Individuals who fall on Type D Personality are prone to stroke and Coronary Heart Disease than Type A and it is not hard to see why.

Type D Personality Experiences the following Negative Emotions:

1. Hostility
2. Anger
3. Surliness
4. Rudeness
5. Depression
6. Anxiety
7. Tension
8. Negative Self-Perception

Surprisingly theres no Type C yet. Type D stands for "Distressed"

Are you Type D?

I'm definitely not Type D.

So if someone goes loco on you...y' know, rude angry, hostile, downer ... just say "You're not my type" or "Don't go Type D on me, coz I'm so Type B."

hmm, that was plain corny.

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