Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just Me and My Books

Such a lazy lazy day.
No dates.
No poker game.
No casino.

Just me and my books.

I've just finished The Amateur by R. Littell. I'm reading Angels and Demons by you know who =)


cruise said...

thats nice hobby, i wish i can develop such interest in reading books :) keep it up.

Iskoo said...

baka kapag natapos mo yang books eh magkadate ka na ulet :)

Jasmin said...

iskoo: hahaha =P sana e no?

cruise: i think you will have a liking on books when you get a chance to read something that interests u tlga

Hermie said...

I listened to the audio book of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I bet you'll find it a good read. Deception Point is also a good book from him.

L.A said...

You-Know-Who? Si Voldemort ba yun? Haha! Joke!

Well at least nakatipid ka diba...a sure good thing haha!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

i enjoyed Angels and Demons...
ah well, who's not a die hard for conspiracy theories

have a nice day po

Jasmin said...

done reading Angels and Demons.. NAHILO AKO SA DAMI NG MGA TWISTS. grabe! i love it.

Hi bry! nice to hear from u again =)