Monday, January 08, 2007

I Spent It All

It was a crazy Sunday. With a kick of sponteneity, my friends Nikko, Diobs and Ross found our way to Casino Filipino to play Bakarat.

We set rules that we should only shell out P500 each and if we doubled up, we should stop OR we just have to play for an hour.

Nothing of those rules were not broken...... in just 15 minutes. Well, I ended up buying P1000 worth of chips. I got lucky and doubled and doubled even more.. but that just about the amount greed is capable of taking away from me.

In other words I lost.

But in a funny way.

We just laughed our way out of the Casino and our merry ride home singing ...

"I don't practice Santeria
I ain't got no crystal ball
Well I had a million dollars but I,
I'd spend it all"
-- Sublime


Hermie said...

Huhu, tong-its lang ang alam ko. Di siguro talaga ako pang Casino.

Jasmin said...

hehehe.. ok lang din ang tong-its

L.A said...

haha sayang nmn yung napalalunana na haha..natalo 2loy..

sandi said...

Hi jammy, first visit to our blog. To increase our revenue rate

Jasmin said...

haha sandy, that's funny =)