Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yet again, I am humbled.

Why does it happen this way. This way: when you lose something, that the time you see how valuable that was.

I quit work. (Now I lack discipline, hardwork, patience, perseverance and the list goes on and on) I quit work because my weekends are gone. I work 6 days in a week. I only have Sunday but saan naman ako makakapunta (out of town) kung Sunday lang ang pahinga?

So Quit I did.

After a week of not working, here's what I realized. The trade off. MY FUTURE DREAMS. Damn shit.

I feel even worse, a friend of mine told me, "well, the best breaks in life are always disguising as hardwork, or sacrafice, or burden...but if u really take the opportunity and face it head on u wil realiz dat its really worth the trip. Besides, its not the destination that matters most but the journey. U just figure out what u want in life and u will be happy. GOOD LUCK"

Please give me back my work. I'll stop complaining.


L.A said...

oh thats sad....

am back after the hiatus i'll be blogging at my own domaun

Iskoo said...

haha, ganyang ganyan din ako ngayon. ganito pala ang feeling ng walang work, huhuhu