Friday, February 09, 2007

Island Boy

When I met him, it was the longest three hours of my life. The longest three hours that I don't want to miss out. It had to be the longest, it just had to be.

There were only a few people in Bom Bom's beach front last night. He was one of them. He was oddly sitting alone just a table away from us. Dragging a cig, hitting his bongos, laughing aloud, appears to be cuing the performers on stage, also appears to be minding us.

I was dying to light a cig too but the smart me forgot to bring lighter. I lit it one from the next table's candle. He did notice my odd behavior and comically commented, "Miss ingat ka, baka masunog kilay mo." Ofcourse, I found it funny and I laughed.

I admit, I took subtle glances at him because he was odd too. Loud and too homey. And he caught me several times. But maybe this is how it happened, he was stealing looks at us and I caught him several times. But who are we fooling? We both looked and both caught.

When I went inside the bar, he followed suit but he didn't speak to me. He just ah-looked. But I think I flashed him a smile and went back to the beach front with my company.

We were the last people to leave Bom Bom's and I thought it ends there.

We were heading already and a few meters farther from Bom Bom's he caught up with us. He introduced himself, I extended my hand and introduced everyone. It was really funny when I introduced my sister's bf because he acted like he was hit hard by something and said to me "Oh, you have a bf already" -that was funny.

When we reached home, I don't want him to go yet so I asked him to come in with us and I didn't wait for him to say no. He asked for coffee and cake as a joke but theres coffee and cake to be served and I served him a cup and a slice.

He met my family. It felt like he was a suitor being sized up. I like it. He was very corteous and amiable but he's sexy to me.

I'm really drawn to him. He's such a character. I only met him then but I'd like to know him more. He didn't take advantage of me even when we were alone but I knew it was due to his fear of the guards patrolling around. hahaha

We talked. He told me he's been staying in Bora for 9 months and has never been inside the place we were staying. He sounded so amazed about the structure of the house so I toured him by myself. I showed him the rooms, he commented about the lamp, the ceiling, the walls, the interior of each room but he didn't comment about the controversial Intercourse painting hanging on wall.

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