Friday, May 11, 2007

Homesickness Has Passed

I dont feel so homesick anymore.
I actually am starting to feel that this is home.
Boracay is home.

Homesickness has passed. Actually, it lasted 4 days only. Now, I can say I'm pretty well adjusted. I eat alone, walk alone, and it doesn't bother me. It just takes time to make a new place feel like your new home. I think, I accomplished that part already.
My quaint house is at the center of white beach. Just beside DMall, behind Budget Mart. I have my own kitchen, bathroom and bed. Those are neccessities. The only luxury I have are two items, MP4 player with speakers and an automatic hotpot which I find very useful for making hot water for coffee, cooking noodles and reheating food. ARYT!
I am half the bum I was when I got here. Now, my itenerary includes teaching a kid to read. Marungko style of course.
A friend is coming over soon. I am assuming in a few days. At last, I can party again. lol. Yeah, that's true, I don't go out a lot. I don't get drunk everynight.
That's all for now. Net is expensive here.


sexynomad said...

Jammy! Wow! You live there na pala! I'm soooooo envious!!!! How did you do that? Where do you live exactly? And how much is your daily cost of living? I'm so curious coz I wanna live there too. Pls share info! tnx!

Jasmin said...

hi jen! How are you? How did I live here. I just decided to live here and stuck to it! i've always been dreaming of living here and now I made it! Daily cost of living at the moment is expensive since I dont have a stable job yet. lets just say P500 a day if I can save and P1500 when I have friends coming over which is often ..BUT IM NOT COMPLAINING! hehe