Sunday, May 06, 2007

Life Begins at Boracay

I moved in to Boracay on May 2, 2007. I decided to live here finally -at least for a long while. My plan is to look for a teaching job here. I submitted my resume to Brent International School and NVC International Preschool. Tomorrow I'll submit an application to Bloomfield. I hope I get accepted in any of those schools.

Plan B is spend my savings.

No luck yet on Plan A so I'm on Plan B mode which sucks.

I'm enjoying the activities here so far. Ultimate Tournament is held here in Boracay. I partied with them too. Its fun but that fun never failed to nag me that when this group is back in am I going to fare here.

Last night, Indio I performed at Summer Place. Hella crowd. Reminds me of Xaymaca, Timog that I miss so much.

It gets a little lonely. A friend of mine (a local, as well) told me that to survive living in Boracay, I've got to learn how to party alone.... hmmm how's that. Although it makes sense but I am not sure I can.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here. It's just that I am lonely. Although I have made friends with the local Bombom's crew, I don't know... I'm shy after all pala. hahaha


Red Pirates said...

You could try contacting the Island Home School to see if they are hiring. Call Boracay Horse-Riding Stables and ask for Brenda - 288 3311.

Jasmin said...

This is soooo amusing!! I didn't see this comment before I got hired by Island Home School. Hahahah... I even met you pirates! soooo cooooool