Monday, May 21, 2007


I travelled back to the island on a Saturday afternoon. I didn't have to wait for my tita, lola and cousins until Sunday since they changed their minds about visiting Sampaguita Gardens. Also, Betina, my college classmate/friend is in the island as well!!! So might as well sail a day earlier back home.

I met Betina and her bf, Rad, after dinner; had a few drinks at Aria (I usually bring my friends here because I get happy hour alcohol rates even when it is past 8pm) and caught the fire dance show. I envy their bodies. SO LEAN... maybe if I really stay longer, I'll be flaunting the same tight body...that's a BIG MAYBE.

Anyway, it was so nice to see familiar faces in this new territory. I know it is not really a new territory to me because I've been flying to and fro the island since 2003 but it is different now because I LIVE HERE NOW... this is no vacation. This is a radical shift which I chose.

So radical that sometimes I worry I might not stand living here ALONE! SO LONELY. Not to mention, I am eating up on my savings, which is not how I planned it.

No one to blame but me because I am not doing anything. Just idle most of the time. So I gotta make a move. So I did.

Early this afternoon, I went to YES FM Station and handed over my resume just in case they need another dj (only joking). I went to YES FM Station and handed over my resume just in case there might be interested parties to hire my services (see EMPLOYMENT).

I have friends here now and as I have been told, the average daily wage here is Php190. That's not enough for me. So you see, I really got to do something different to earn more than Php190 a day. Hmmm, massage anyone? hahahaha

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, net here is expensive. SERIOUSLY. Guess, I better plan my net log-ons like the way I mind my grocery budget and meals.

Living alone is not an easy task but I think it is worth a try. I get to practice being "RESPONSIBLE" lol

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