Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ati-atihan Patikim

Wow! I got wifi at home (boracay). This so unexpected and I am really thankful that I have it now. I admit, it is hard for me to do away with the internet. I'm so used to getting online almost 24/7 back in Manila and now I am able to have this luxury back!! Oh my! It's like I never left Manila at all!

And this would also mean, I'd be blogging more often again. hahaha. I'm so happy, so so happy!

Just a quick update of what I have been upto:
1. I went to Kalibo for the Ati-atihan Festival
2. I didn't know that Brownman Revival would be playing for the festival (but lucky jammy, was in town too and didn't miss it)
3. Aside from BMR, Mar Roxas, Nel"Crushie" PBB Housemate and MMDA's Bayani Fernando joined the parade.

hmmm, but doesn't it make you wonder??? What business does MMDA got to do with Kalibo's Ati-atihan? Imagine the unnecessary cost of flying a full drum and lyre band from Manila to Boracay and back? The talent fee for the band, the pink sneakers and pink suit? Hotel accomodations? It's a distasteful show of extravagance from a government agency in a third-world country paying first-world tax. Just distasteful at least to me and most of the Aklanons I met in Kalibo.

Haaay, yan muna.

hmmm, did I just admit I crush Nel?

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