Saturday, May 17, 2008

Habagat Series 1

Its 4pm and there's no sun but still we're having so much fun! Feeling tourista ulit with all the photo-taking among friends at Bombom bar.

and the boys pose

Lody and I posing a classic tourista pose hehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Left the Island

I heard around the island that when the sun sets at its fullest and brightest yellow orange glow, summer is about to end.

And so the day came, the sun set its last glorious show for the year. It was really different. The sun was 5 times bigger than usual. It splashed the island to the orange tinge. Nothing escaped its rays. Then the show came to an end. And indeed, it was the last sunset show.

Days after that, it started pouring like 3 times a week, then it became 4 nights a week. But this week, the sun hardly shone. It was raining all day since yesterday...and today is a same story.

Summer ended so quickly this year. Habagat xame too early and low season is here.

This is what D'mall beachfront at Habagat looks like:
the empty beach front

the umbrella display

Bombar waiters turned People watches (hehehe)

the unusuall empty bombom bar

6.8 Earthquake in the Philippines Hoax

"U.S. Geological Society predicts a 6.8 magnitude earthquake will hit Philippine plates tonight. Please be Calm and alert"

Late this afternoon, I received a SMS message from a concerned friend about this horrifying to-be-disaster. But before we panic, let's get the matters straight and check the reliability of this information.

Good thing there is internet! It is easy to counter check fraud.

First of, there is no U.S. Geological Soceity, only U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program or better known as USG or Hawaii State Emergency Preparedness Office.

Second, it is so impossible that the entire Philippine plate would experience earth quake all at the same time. Just imagine.

Third, there is no accurate / reliable earthquake predictions anywhere in the world.