Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The 2009 Starbucks Planner Hype

There was quite a domestic stir last night over an obsession to own a 2009 Starbucks Planner. I'm not really a fan of the idea "meeting the quota to redeem prize" especially when year after year, the much awaited planner is less appealing than last year's offer. I would not be surprised that the year will come when Starbucks Planners would be reduce to a size of a then popular Hallmark Daily Planners (I used to have back in the days which is functional, appealing and reasonably priced) and of course, Hallelujah, be free.

I think the best planner Starbucks has released was the very first one. Hard leather-bound, pen, monthly treats included and post cards for Mom and Dad. That one has the personal feel at least it was to me.

This year, I was given a Green HP 2009 Planner Notebook which is more functional and appealing than the costly alternative. But anyway, no one can stop me from my favorite holiday drink, Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte Frappuccino and so I also collect the very last 4 stickers to redeem a planner I won't be using, at least my sister would be glad to have it.

All is well.

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