Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wolves Took It

Lost things have a way of coming back. In 2003, I bought two Neil Gaiman hardbound books in Fully Booked, Greenhills. The two picture books were "The Day I Swapped My Father For Two Goldfish" and "The Wolves In The Walls". These were very fantastic materials for storytelling for gradeschoolers, my students love it even my colleagues love it as well. I often lend my books to friends and sometimes these books forget to come back to me and because so many books had been lent out and so many months and even years had passed I forget to whom it was lent to. "The Wolves in the Walls" are one of the books that I lost and missed for ... 6 long years.

I've looked everywhere in the house to find that book but just couldn't locate it anywhere. And after some time, I've come to accept that it will never come back, whoever possesses it (after 6 years of keeping) assumes ownership. I guess most people assume that way, may it be about borrowed books, pen, dvds or money perhaps, --hoping the lender forgets about the matter. hmm, I see guilty eyes. hehehehe

But anyway, the book came back in the most peculiar manner and no need to point fingers. It magically appeared under the coffee table. I mean, come on! I can't believe its back and I'm in denial that its the very same book I bought years back, so I flipped the book to see the back cover and I saw what I needed to see -the proof (Fully Booked Sticker P714.00). Thats all I need, I'm glad.

If you do have toddlers, you might want to buy and read the books to them and later on when they do start to read by themselves have them read it to you. Its one of the good ways to encourage kids to read. A very amusing story and entertaining pictures.

Here is a browse inside application to the book. Check it out.

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