Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Smell Hmmhum Candy

"I smell sex and candy here,
who's that lounging in my chair
who's that casting devious stares
into my direction
Mama this surely is a dream"
-Marcy Playground

It kept playing on my mind. I do know S & C when I smell one.

Too bad I can't see him anymore. He's not bad, it is just that he reminds me of an ex which is not a good hit. Not at all. I don't fancy being reminded of a past flame. I'm not hating or anything, it is more drawn to the lines of awkwardness and disturbing.

Just being true people, No way I can go on seeing him at the same time, think of another person. Ahhh, too much resemblance! That's too bad.

I don't eat candies everyday but when I do, I enjoy it...and I had my christmas candy! lol Don't go grouching on me now.



-raindrops- said...

i like listening to that song.Ü

bloghoppin'. here's wishing you have a nice christmas. one without associations of not nice things.

happy holidays!Ü

L.A said...

sex & candy? what a combination...haha

i'll try that hehe Belated Merry Christmas!

Iskoo said...

meery christmas jammy :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

i go for chocolates over candies

hey happy holidays!

cruise said...

oo nga sex and candy... hmmm pwedeng combination, hehehe

May this year bring
More Blessings
Good Health, Success, Joy
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